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Colorful Images offers thousands of designs on personalized name and address labels, specialty labels, personalized stationery, home office products, personal checks, and distinctive gifts. For over 20 years, our extensive selection of exclusive, seasonal and licensed designs have appealed year-around to customers who want high quality products at great prices.

What a Colorful Images Affiliate partnership means for you:

  • No limit on your earning potential – the more you sell, the more you earn!
  • Earn commissions of 3% or more for each customer referral to Colorful Images resulting in a sale, with 14 Return Days.
  • Great selection of creative, colorful banners and compelling text links to maximize your results
  • Trusted reporting tools and experienced program management provided by Impact Radius, the worldwide leader in affiliate marketing programs.

It’s easy to participate in the FREE Colorful Images Affiliate Program:

  1. Review the Affiliate Agreement with Impact Radius
  2. Complete the online Affiliate Application
  3. Receive e-mail confirmation that your application has been approved as well as next steps
  4. Select from a variety of free colorful banners and powerful text links provided at
  5. Link your site to and start earning commissions!


The Affiliate Agreement will answer many of your questions, but we’ve covered some Frequently Asked Questions below. You can also e-mail any questions or comments to us at [email protected].  Our goal is to make the program simple and effective to maximize sales results for you and Colorful Images.

How do I create links?

Once you have been approved as a Colorful Images Affiliate, you can log into Impact Radius and click on the Create Links tab to create customized banners and customer-compelling text links coded just for your site.  Knowledge of HTML is not required.  You can also place links into e-mail correspondence as an extra way to earn commissions.
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What kinds of promotions are available?

Colorful Images regularly offers a variety of promotions from special product pricing to order discounts.  Occasionally, Colorful Images will send you e-mails that include merchandising tips, special customer and Affiliate offers, and updates regarding Affiliate policies.
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What are your policies on Search Engine Marketing?

Affiliate agrees not to bid on any keyword in any Search Engine or like marketing campaign that is a Merchant Brand Term, (or a derivation of a trademark, or any other word or term that is likely to cause confusion regarding its affiliation with Merchant). Affiliate must always display their own web address and drive internet shoppers to their own site and then promote Colorful Images from their website. Please read the Colorful Images Keyword Bid Policy to prevent any misunderstanding on the Affiliate guidelines.
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How do you know that sales came from my site?

All links from your site to the Colorful Images site contain a unique identifier so every time a visitor comes to Colorful Images from your site and completes a sale within 14 days, you will receive credit.   This is made possible with the links created for you through a tag generator provided by LinkShare. 
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How do I find out how many sales my site has generated and how much I have earned?

Affiliates can log into LinkShare to review reports that are updated daily and include full detail on impressions, clicks, sales and commissions earned. 
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How often and when do I get paid commission?

Commission checks are mailed monthly as stated in the Affiliate Agreement.
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Can Affiliates have multiple sites?

Yes, you can track and be paid for multiple site activity under a single Colorful Images Affiliate account.
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