Mega Sympathy Value Pack

Touching assortment of sympathy cards reach out to those who grieve. Floral and nature images and sensitive, thoughtful sentiments provide comfort . 5" x 7"; white envelopes. Set of 40 (2 of each).

Rippling Water Front: The heart has a memory all its own. Inside: With Love and Sympathy
Dock In Lake Front: In the quiet of your heart, with time, you will know peace. Inside: Sincerely Sorry For Your Loss
Celebrating a Special Life May you find comfort in believing that the brightness of a life well-lived continues to shine. With Sympathy

See "More Info" for additional card sentiments.
Four Flowers Along Bottom Front: One life touches so many. Inside: May treasured memories bring comfort.
Green Leafy Branch Front: We may never know how far one person's love has spread, but we know how that love has graced us. And we will treasure that knowledge forever. Inside: With Our Love and Sympathy
Illustrated Trees and Grass Front: Some things will never be understood this side of heaven. Certainly your loss is one of those things. Inside: Please know how much we care.
Flowering Plants on Lavender Front: The beauty of love never fades. Inside: It lives on — an everlasting source of strength and peace. With Love and Sympathy
White and Tan Flowers on Peach Front: Reaching out to you... Inside: in this time of sorrow. With Love and Sympathy
White Lily of the Valley Front: In this time of sorrow...may you be comforted by the kindness of those who love you. Inside: With Love and Sympathy
White Daffodils on Dark Peach Front: As time helps you to heal, please remember how often you are thought of, how much you are loved. Inside: Sharing in your sorrow at the loss of someone so special.
Purple Iris Front: To Comfort You Inside: Hoping it helps to know that others share in your sorrow. Thinking of You with Sympathy
Hummingbird Among Flowers Front: Words cannot express all the heart longs to say. Inside: Your loss is heartbreaking. May it comfort you to know that all who care for you are surrounding you with love. With Heartfelt Sympathy
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