Mary Engelbreit® Valentine's Day Cards


Offer a Valentine's Day smile in a card only Mary Engelbreit® could design! 5' x 7" cards come with envelopes. Printed in USA.

Set of 12 (2 of each design)

©2023 Mary Engelbreit Studios, Inc.

Please see "More Info" box below for the card sentiments


1. Front: Sweetest Heart
    Inside: May love and chocolate abound! Happy Valentine's Day

2. Front: From the Bottom of my Heart Here
    Inside: Happy Valentine's Day!

3. Front: Dear Valentine, Why Be Lonesome? Why Dontcha Be
    My Little Ownsome?
    Inside: Sending lots of love! Happy Valentine's Day

4. Front: Be My Honey!
    Inside: Be my Valentine!

5. Front: A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place
    Inside: My heart is in the right place.

6. Front: The Queen of Hearts
    Inside: That's you! Happy Valentine's Day

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