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  1. Marrakesh Double-Sided Business Cards
    New Marrakesh Double-Sided Business Cards
    Like gorgeous fabric from a Moroccan bazaar, this stunning design will leave an unforgettable impression. A professional way to identify yourself to friends or associates, you receive 250 business/calling cards, all the same image, printed on front and back with the personalization you specify. Each double-sided card measures 2" x 3 1/2".

    • Front: 1 line, up to 24 characters
    • Back: specify block or script and 6 lines, up to 30 characters
  2. Marrakesh Deluxe Address Labels  (4 Designs)
    Marrakesh Deluxe Return Address Labels (4 Designs)

    Personalized address labels are also a quick and easy way to label your books, CDs, DVDs and other belongings to avoid mix-ups. The set includes 144 personalized self-stick address labels, each measuring 1" x 2-1/4". We'll print your labels with the name and address, message, or information you choose.

    Specify block or script and 1st line of personalization, up to 35 characters and 2nd line of personalization up to 50 characters.

  3. Marrakesh Envelope Seals   (3 Designs)
    New Marrakesh Envelope Seals (3 Designs)
    Fabric designs, emulating those found in North Africa, create an intriguing dash of color on your envelopes! Added to your cards and letters, decorative seals create a polished presentation. Or use one to seal your tissue paper inner wrap inside a gift box (just like the boutiques). You receive 144 self-adhesive round envelope seals, each measuring 1 1/2" across.
Set Descending Direction

3 Items